About Us

OwnersRE.com was created because of the lack of services that are offered to sellers of Real Estate. If you want to buy a home, there are 100's of tools which help you find homes anywhere, learn about neighborhoods, schools, even the history of owners for the property you live in and what they paid for it, to getting pre qualified online with a lender, calculating mortgage payments, etc.

But if your selling, you can find a company that will market your home or you can list with a realtor, there are your options. Thats right. Your only options are You can list your home on a website for free like zillow, and get 100s of calls from those interested in your home to those who just want to see it with no intention of buying or you can pay a realtor to sell your home and pay thousands in commission. Until now.

This company was formed with over 40 years of selling homes as a licensed real estate brokers.

The idea was to automate the sales process one goes through when selling through an agent, so that someone can sell their home on their own, and save literally thousands of dollars.

This service is for the savvy seller. We believe realtors do play an important role for some sellers. However for those that know what they are looking to sell for, can negotiate for themselves, and have the ability to take some pictures, we have a service for you.

To sell your home begin here

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