OwnersRE.com was formed by real estate agents to help those savvy sellers sell their home without using a realtor.

The idea was to automate the sales process one goes through when selling through an agent, so that someone can sell their home on their own, and save literally thousands of dollars.

Our goal is to treat every customer like they are our only customer. We are focused on user experience, and success of the platform we created. Our user friendly platform is truly one of a kind. And has revolutionized how homes are sold.

We help sellers with everything they need to sell their home, from marketing (Which includes a yard sign.),making appointments, answering questions, vetting offers, and staying on top of the transaction once in contract. And much more.

Our services are unique from other For Sale By Owner businesses because we don’t just market your home. We don’t push you to deal with a realtor like all of our competition do. And we are not interested in a numbers game, how many homes can we list. We are driven by users being successful. By the ease of use of our platform. And by actually caring how our users like our service.

We are not a real estate company. We are your virtual real estate assistant. Working for your to sell your home.

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