At we help you sell your home yourself. Our unique one of kind system offers all of the following for one low flat fee of $399:

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Post your home for sale all over the internet including Zillow and Trulia.

We will post your home for sale all over the internet including Zillow and Trulia. If someone is searching for a home in your area they will find your home is for sale. YOUR HOME WILL NOT BE LISTED ON AN MLS OR REALTOR.COM. Why? These websites are for realtors only to post their home. That means any company that offers your home to be listed on an MLS will have their information NOT YOURS, for potential buyers to call. Why would they tell the buyer to call you when they can sell the buyer something and make full commission? They wont. Although we do think realtors do bring some value to a real estate transaction our goal is for you to never pay a realtors commission. There fore we will never post your home for sale on a website for realtors only. FYI: All MLS listings must offer commission to a selling agent. That commission is posted on Zillow and everywhere the listing is posted. Therefore all buyers will see what commission you are offering an agent and they see this as a reason to discount their offer. When listing FOR SALE BY OWNER what you offer in commission to a selling realtor if anything anyone, thus you are not negotiating from a lower point to begin with.


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Your property website.

Each location your home is listed, such as on Zillow, your property website will be displayed, along with all of your contact information not ours. On the yard sign we provide is your property’s website.All interested in your home are directed to your property’s website because you want only serious buyers and realtors with buyer clients to get through to you. We have a video posed below to show you how it works (Post the buyers experience video on this page.)

If you are offering commission to a selling real estate agent it will to shared with them, not a buyer without a realtor. This is important because many competitors of ours offer listing on the MLS. When you do that you must offer commission to a realtor and that amount is shared on all websites like Zillow. Listing with us you wont let anyone but a realtor know there is commission being offered. If someone wants to make an appointment for example, and they do not have a pre approval or proof of funds, they cannot proceed. Why? Because you want to deal with those that can close. Someone without a pre approval or proof of funds is not serious. Same for asking a question, and same for making an offer.

All questions, offers, and requests for appointments are emailed and text to you, no need to log into our systems. We also follow up with a call to make sure everything was received and to see if you have any questions.

To sample this website, sign up for free, enter your propertys DNA and you can sample the website.


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Easy to install Yard Sign.

This easy to install yard sign is mailed to the property. It is true that virtually all buyers start their search for a home on the internet. However yard signs offer 3 things.

It lets all those in your area know your home is for sale. Many times neighbors will let family and friends know about a home being listed for sale.

It also will have the website for all interested to go to. And on this website will be our unique one of a kind sign up process that only lets serious buyers and realtors with clients get through to you.

It serves as a sign for those whom made an appointment or come for your open house know this is the right home that is for sale.

This is what the yard sign looks like.

Homes for Sale by Owner


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Schedule appointments.

All appointments are scheduled with a live person. Why?

Sure we believe in technology and there are plenty of software and apps we can use for scheduling the appointment. However we believe that in real estate some personal touch is needed. So when someone calls to make any appointment we confirm we have the pre approval or proof of funds before contacting you to confirm the day and time. It is our way of making sure only serious buyers or realtors with clients can get through to you. We also confirm the appointments at least one hour before to make sure you are not wasting your time.

We also follow up after the appointment to see if we can get any feedback.


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Qualify each offer.

Every time an offer is submitted to you it triggers a series of events for us. In real estate it is important to NOT accept an offer from someone that can not close.Therefore each time an offer is submitted we vet that offer. If it is one that is all cash we will require that the proof of funds be provided. This way you will have supporting documentation as to how much the buyer has in cash, or if selling their home a contract of sale for that home. In these cases we look up the home that is being sold and make sure it is on the market.

For those that are getting a mortgage, all offers require a pre approval. We will contact the loan officer and has a series of questions to gauge the quality of the pre approval. Was it issued when someone filled something out on line, or did someone actually run the credit and review the asset and income documents? The results of our vetting process are emailed to you so you can help determine the strength of the offer.


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Help deciding which offer to accept.

In todays market it is not uncommon for a seller to receive multiple offers. If you are unsure of which offer to select and would like to get our opinion, our staff has been trained to consider several factors to help determine what is the best offer. We will work with you to see which offer is the best fit for you and your situation.


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Help you stay on top of the transaction.

Getting the buyer to sign the contract and give a down payment is truly only the initial steps to selling your home. If the buyer is getting a mortgage they must apply, in some cases have an appraisal, and then comply with the lenders conditions in the mortgage approval before a closing will take place.Further as the seller you have several things you need to do such as getting payoff letters for open mortgages, pack up your belongings, and preparing to leave your home. We help create a list of time line of mile stones each party to your transaction has to complete and we follow up with all parties to make sure they are doing their part to close the deal.


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Tons of resources.

The main resource we offer is us. This company was formed by Real Estate brokers with over 20 years experience. We know that selling your home is a big deal and we are here each step of the way.

*We have videos on how to:

*Prepare your home for sale

*How to hold an open house

*How to price your home

*How to write a description

*How to manage multiple offers

And much more. Visit our resources page by clicking here.

*We are also can help you with the forms you need.

*We also review each listing posted with us to see if there are any suggestions to improve the listing.

*We are a phone call away. Call us and see if we how we can help you.


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Referral to title company or real estate attorney.

If you have accepted and offer or have some real estate related questions, that are specific to your area, we belong to a network of Title Companies and Real Estate Attorneys that we can refer to you. Just call or email us at In the subject line put your city and state and in the body of the email indicate whom you need to be referred an attorney or title company or simply state your question and we can refer you someone local.


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Updating all listings.

Once you have closed we will make sure every where your home was posted for sale it will not be marked as closed and no longer available. One of the top 10 pet peeves of all sellers are calls after the home has closed from realtors and buyers because their listing shows the home is still available.


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All of our us at

Truly the greatest asset is us. We are a people company that utilizes technology to achieve our goal of helping you sell your home without using a realtor. We care and want to make sure everyone that utilizes our services feels like they are our only customer. We are experienced and know how to sell homes. And we are here for you. Just a phone call or email away.

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