Thinking of selling your home without a realtor? We offer a one of a kind for sale by owner service to help you with everything. All for one low flat fee. Here is a list of things you will get from us.

Great Customer Service

We give the foremost preference to meeting customer requirements. We will make the clients feel like they are our only customers. We will listen to your property-selling needs and assist you accordingly. The service is results-driven that will make the customers feel confident while selling their property. We are here to respond to you at any time if you have any queries related to our listing system. You can go through the past clients’ experiences to learn about our customer service.

Easy To Use System

OwnersRE offers a user-friendly and one-of-a-kind service to help customers with everything they need in listing their property. Without any hassles, your property will be listed in detail. Our system has a highly user-friendly interface. Clients can enter the complete DNA of their property. For example, detailed address, multiple photos of the exterior and interior section of the property, number of room details, and much more. All these can be mentioned seamlessly. Another great thing is that you can make unlimited changes on the site with no hassles.


Are you worried about marketing your property? Leave it to us. We will take care of marketing the property with our high-end listing service. Your property will be posted on the top real estate websites—for example, Zillow and Trulia. Therefore, your property will get great visibility from potential buyers. It will increase the likelihood of getting your property sold in less time. So, if anyone is looking for a property near your region, they will definitely notice your property. Marketing for your property will be based on the area where there may be local real estate search engines. We also check that it is not owned by a realtor or realtor Group-before posting your property.

Easy to Install Yard Sign

With our service, now it’s easy to install a yard sign. This will help market the sale of your residential property. The yard sign will include complete details of your property. It will also have your contact details to make it easy for the buyers to contact you. So you won’t face any problems in deciding on a yard sign. OwnersRE will take care of it. Note that the yard sign is included in the $399 fee.

Website For Your Property

OwnersRE will be your one-stop destination for your property. You will get a website for your property. It will let your property come into visibility in the potential buyer’s eye. People interested in your property will get into our unique system. However, it will filter the serious buyers to get through your property to contact you for buying. On your property website, the buyers can take necessary actions for buying. For example, making an appointment, asking queries related to property and questions on price negotiations, and making offers or closing deals. Moreover, the website of your property will undergo optimization to show up in top Google searches as well. Hence, the website will simplify the selling process. So, sign up and take advantage.

Appointments With A Live Person

All appointments will be arranged with a real person through OwnersRE.com. They’ll handle the scheduling to make everything easy and smooth for you. OwnersRE ensures a hassle-free process for setting up appointments, making your journey to sell your property more efficient. Having live person appointments will also make everything clearer and easier to understand. It’s a straightforward way to address any questions and help you confidently decide to sell your home on your own.

Verification of Buyers Offers

After the buyers start reaching out with the offers, it is time for OwnersRE to verify it. Sellers, when they prefer to sell my house myself, verifying the offers is essential. You never know. It can be a property scam or part of fraudulent activity. Lack of verification can lead to getting trapped in scams and losing money. This is why OwnersRE is seriously concerned about the offers. All the offers will be vetted to ensure that the buyers are qualified. Moreover, we will also check their potential in closing a deal.
So, we are responsible for verifying the buyer’s qualifications, background, and potential to make a purchase. This keeps our client tension-free.

Tracking The Progress

OwnersRE will track the progress of the transaction to witness no worries in the future. We understand that transaction is a big part of settling down a property sale. Here’s the biggest question coming from a seller: Do I Need Realtors? So, to make it easy for the sellers without dealing with any troublesome situation, we take care of tracking the process of selling. We will ensure that the buyers are doing their part. If in case the process is halting, we will notify the buyer and keep the sellers updated with the latest information. Remember, once you are with a contract, OwnersRE will continue progressing the transaction. Also, they will be in touch with all parties included. It will ensure that everyone is doing their part in a timely order to close the deal.

Take Advantage of No Additional Cost

If your state has approved forms, we are ready to provide them at no extra or additional cost. You don’t have to charge anything extra for it. OwnersRE will verify the forms and then proceed with the next step. If we find that there are no approved forms, then you will be charged. We will also recommend other local title companies and professional attorneys if help is needed.

Save You Thousands of Dollars

OwnersRE offers one-of-a-kind service with cost-effective solutions. Our service ensures to help sellers with everything at an affordable price. You won’t have to deal with any additional costs or charges. So, all the exclusive services and recommendations you get from us will be covered in one flat fee. It just costs $399 to take advantage of everything we offer for listing property selling. Moreover, we also offer inflation-buster prices for everyone for up to 6 months. In case the client needs it for a longer time, it will cost around $100 for an additional six months. So, now you can sell your home without realtors and save thousands of dollars.

This is all about the things you will get from OwnersRE for selling your home. With great customer service, marketing benefits, competitive pricing, a user-friendly platform, and much more, your property will get high-quality visibility on the Internet. With our service, you will find multiple potential buyers with the best market value.