Only realtors can be members of an MLS. This means any company listing you an MLS is a realtor. This means you are not a real FSBO but represented by a realtor.

If you list your home on the MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com will show the realtor as the contact info, NOT YOURS. They get all the calls.

Realtors need the MLS to get it on Zillow Trulia because they cannot enter a listing there directly. The realtors want their home the MLS because it is the only way to get their listings on these sites.

You can list your home being sold without a realtor for free on Zillow and Trulia

When the realtor gets the calls, why would the realtor tell the buyers to see your home if you are offering little to no commission? They wont. They will steal your buyers.

You don’t need to be on an MLS to sell a home, homes sold by owners without agents is on the rise.

Never list your home on the MLS!! Sell your home yourself!!