Property Condition Statement

This form is required in almost every state. It is intended to level the playing field in the negotiations of a purchasing a home. This form completed by the seller tells the buyer all that the seller knows about the home. From a history of termites and mold, to electrical and plumbing questions, the form will cover all aspects of a home. The seller does not and is not expected to hire a professional to fill the form out, or to preform inspections or repairs. The seller is to answer the questions honestly and answer what they know. Again you do not have to fix or repair anything.

Get Home Ready to Sell.

This refers to doing what a seller should do to get the maximum amount for their home. Not everyone selling cares about getting the highest value. This includes improving the landscaping with mulch, flowers, and a rock garden over the hard to fix spots. Poxy painting garage and utility room floors. Replacing outlet and light switch covers. Replacing door handles. Painting a room, or adding an accent wall.


Most title companies can give you the paperwork necessary to sell your home. Normally these would include a property condition disclosure, a lead based paint disclosure, and if state and local law require something to be signed. However it is also important to make sure you have certain documents together such as the payoff letters for all mortgages, judgements, and liens, make sure all permits sought while living there to do work on the home are closed out, and it is helpful to have the title policy from the time you purchased the home.

Costs to Sell

Each state is different in terms of expenses a seller will have to pay. It is helpful to contact a local title company to get a list of all the fees you will have to pay when you sell your home.

Price It

For those sellers whom have a grasp on what homes are selling for in the area, they do not need a realtor to tell them what their home is worth. In fact most realtors will tell you that 7 out of 10 sellers dictate the price the home is going on the market versus taking the realtors advice. There are also resources at www.Ownersre.com/resources page that provide insight into ways in which a home owner can determine the value of their home.

It is worth noting that there are also many automated sites. I am against recommending them because the information used to make the valuation is unknown, the valuations are often wrong, and each home has a unique feature or features that make it worth less, more, or the same as the neighbors home.

Description Writing a Description.

If you sell your home without a realtor you will be responsible for writing a creative description. For those not very good at writing this can be a challenge. However, with services like upworks.com or fiver.com you can hire a professional writer for under $100 to write a beautiful description for your home. Further there are resources like www.Ownersre.com/resources that provide a step by step instructions on how to write a creative description.


Nowadays it is very important to provide as many high quality pictures of the your home. Most realtors hire a professional photographer to take the photos for the listing. These same photographers are available to you. They may charge a consumer more than a realtor because they see a realtor as a source of business and want to offer them a special deal. So you do not need a realtor to have a beautiful pics of your home.

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