Houseo generously offers 4 terrible options. $99 for their lame website that gets no visitors. Then a series of flat fees starting at $349 to $379 plus commission to list on an MLS where the realtors information gets sent to places like Zillow so they get all the calls. Will they send these buyers to you when you are paying little to no commission? No.

Don’t pay a realtor to list your home on the MLS.

At OwnersRE.com we offer for one low flat fee of $399:

  • Home posted all over the internet on Zillow Trulia and many others.
  • We send you an easy to install yard sign.
  • A website for your property where all interested parties enter our unique system to make sure only serious qualified buyers and realtors with buyer clients get through to you.
  • We vet all offers.
  • We follow up with the buyers to make sure they are doing what is needed to close.
  • And much much more.