Every other for sale by owner business is like using a realtor. Why? Read their fine print on their website. They are licensed realtors or they push you to use a license realtor as part of their premium packages. We are not. We want you to sell your home without paying any real estate commission.

Our competitors offer a free or low priced option that puts your listing on their website that get pratically no traffic, so they don’t mind wasting your time. We on the otherhand make sure your listing is posted all over the internet and on websites like Zillow and Trulia, that get the most buyer traffic.

Our competitors offer a fee plus some type of percentage of the sales price to be listed on the MLS. (NOTE: It may or may not be your local MLS). We NEVER list your property on an MLS, because, and MLS is a realtor member organization only.

What does this mean? It means in the listing the contact information CANNOT be the owner but has to be the listing agent. When the MLS sends this listing to Zillow Trulia and other websites it is the listing agents information that potential buyers are shown.

Why would a listing agent pass this buyer to you when they can sell them a home that pays real estate commission?

And if you are paying real estate commission to the buyers agent, you had a chance to save that cost using us, where getting listed on the MLS guarantees your paying a realtor commission. Listing with us saves you money.

We charge a flat fee that includes all of our services. There is nothing left to buy. Click here to visit “Our Services” page for the full list of services that are included in the one time fee.